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July 30, 2010 Wind 5 Comments

UPDATE – Hyogo Scout Council have put up some photos of Fire Troop’s arrival.


We’re all now on our Homestay visits. Until we meet up again at the Jamboree site, the updates to the site will be very limited. So far I can tell you that Ollie Franklin (Leader), Andy F (Earth) and Tom H (Water) are doing fine and have managed to get on Facebook!

Al Rainsbury and Ant Robinson will be spending the night in an Osaka Church, after their Ho-Ho host turned out to be the local Pastor!

Fire Troop are staying with families in the Hyogo prefecture. Their Scout Council has used some of our photos on their site to welcome their guests.


We’ll post more after the we meet up, and share our stories and photos.

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  1. Julie Statham says:

    PHEW Google Chrome, translated it for me at the push of a button :) a very interesting read.

  2. Jayne Redhead says:

    Just to say thank you very much for keeping the website updated so well with photos and comments etc. Its been really reassuring to see photos and get messages sent and back again. Hope everyone enjoys their homestays and look forward to hearing about the jamboree next week.

  3. Lynne Murray says:

    Thanks for the tip Julie, I was using Firefox but didn’t know how to translate the page. The photo’s were uploaded quickly. It looks very formal but I’m sure all the explorers will be looking forward to their time with the Japanese families. Thanks again to whoever is keeping this website up to date. It has been fantastic to see what has been happening and how much there has been going on. I’m looking forward to hearing about the homestay and the jamboree.

  4. Kanji, Aranishi says:

    I am chair of International committee of Hyogo Scout Council.
    I am very happy to find our council webisite at your GME site.
    Yesterday, I met all members of fire troop at the meeting.
    Our host families are exciting to find each Scouts, because I didn’t
    have any personal date about GME sctous except special diet information.
    We notified to host families who are suposed to take care of those scouts. I think Japanese food is quite different from yours, such as raw fish, shushi, tempura,soba and so on.
    Don’t worry about foods, obviously Japanese foods are no poison, we are alive and only a few allergy sufferer. I hope all scouts are really enjoy the different culture and build a good relationship with each of them.
    I am going to participate the Jamboree and leave with GME scouts on way to Jamboree site.

  5. Zineb says:

    I thank you and your family for your sivrece. Wow, you are a busy mom. I can’t imagine. I believe being a mom is the most important job on earth. I pray that your hubby (soldier) has a speedy recovery. I’ll be following your blog. Being a mother of seven, I’m sure you have many interesting stories. I have one grandson and I love him sooo much. Grandchildren are the best. God bless you and your family.Army mom x 2

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