Fire Troop Messages – 7th Aug

Jake S. Fire Troop hello, im having a great time in japan and the jamboree. I have had a great time staying with my japanese family in kobe, they took us on a cruise and to a water park. The only bad thing so far for me was on the second night of the jamboree […]

Water Troop Messages – 7th Aug

George S – Water Troop and so the celebrity craze goes on with every member of the troop still being hunted for autographs, pictures and genral swaps (still loving it ). Recently i had to fight off a ant invasion from my main bag and now have a unreasonable hatred towards ants after spending hours […]

Home Stay

We have finally arrived at the 15th Nippon Jamboree but not before we completed in the amazing experience that was home stay. You will get firsthand account from the Explorers’ in the coming days but from the elated faces I saw travelling with me in Water Troop I believe everyone made a lifelong memory and […]

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Content Update

September 6, 2010 Water 2 Comments

We’re currently editing some more videos for the site, but a few technical issues, as well as a distinct lack of time, have delayed them. Keep checking the site, as everything should be up by the end of September.


August 12, 2010 Fire No Comments

Landed safely at Heathrow. Anyone know which bag Pie packed his house keys in?

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